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On Friday December 17th I thought I bought a home in Sonoma County, CA. I bid $79,000 for the property and was told I was the high bidder.

It did seems to be a good deal but isn't that what auctions are about, getting a good deal? On Tuesday December 21st I got a call from Williams and Williams Auctions saying my bid was rejected by the seller. The seller by the way is Fannie Mae. I asked what would be an offer they would accept and they said closer to the $234,000 they were originally asking for the property.

If I wanted to pay close to that price I would have. What a complete waste of time.

By the way, I was told by Williams and Williams that 50% of bids rejected. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME!

Monetary Loss: $79.

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was able to close yesterday because atty cut short his vacation and helped me out.

williams sold me the home and did what they said they would do. the rules are strict so be careful or you will lose your downpayment


just spoke with W&W customer service. Very professional and seems genuinely concerned.

He took the time to go through the issue and will call me back tomorrow with hopefully an extra 4 day extension. W&W tells me it's fannie mae that refuses to give the extension, not W&W.


Am in contract to buy, was supposed to close this monday. Curious that the williams website clearly stated that williams ordered title insurance.

No problem there. Problem arises when I am told by seller's atty that my atty had to order title. Problem is my atty is on vacation and won't have time to do search and insure by closing date. Seller's atty asks for extension but williams refuses to extend.

I say fine, I'll close without title insurance, both seller's atty and my atty think it's crazy to do that. Turns out that seller not ready to close by monday,so you figure the extension goes through no problem,but no, williams only gives 3 day extension, but my atty can't get title insurance and schedule closing in that time frame. My atty asks for 7 day extension but williams only gives 3 day extension which still means I am forced to close without title insurance or be in breach of contract. I therefore will close, and most likely not be able to use an atty because my atty cannot represent me at closing without title insurance-it's against ethics laws in that state.

My atty thinks at the very least the refusal of williams to grant a week extension (considering the seller isn't ready to close themselves) is not ethical and unreasonable. I will report back next week to let you know if I am forced to close without title insurance and without legal representation because williams won't extend an additional 4 days.


I called to ask Williams Auctions when they would be removing their signs along the road to the house that was just auctioned. The rep told me it was up to the buyer to remove the signs, not them and they wouldn't be doing it.

They would be up until closing. The buyer will not know if they are in fact the owner for another 7-10 days.

If there even is an acceptable bid. The signs are trashing the neighborhood.


you have a biased as well as moronic view. Auctions go to the highest bidder , unless a reserve price is listed , by definition !

If they want to sell it then list it through mls that is what it is for.

I won't even get into the fact it's a gov. entity that just got billions of tax payer dollars no raping tax payers, Oh yea you did point out this is still America where gov screws citizens


They were shady and totally obnoxious and use shills.


Williams and williams as well as most real estate companies are full of *** and enjoy sucking a fat ***. Don't bother responding from your lame cubicle because i will not be viewing.

Hey insecure agents... ur ugly *** picture on your business card is not helping you sell properties, so get over yourself.


Did this guys really post a negative about the auction company because his offer was rejected? What happened to free will and freedom in America?

You mean if I offer to sell my house or car and don't accept your offer you will be mad at me? The Seller gets to decide what he will accept or reject, this is America!

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