My story is different, it all ended well and I did end up getting my home, but I am still going to make a complaint to let everyone know how horrible the experience was. The house I wanted was a foreclosure, they were asking 389k for it at one point, no one was willing to pay that so they dropped it to 260k and I offered 235k, they didn't accept and end up putting it at auction.

My agent decided to attend the auction since she's never been to one before, she called and told me if I wanted to check it out i could watch live online, being curious to see how it works, I went on and signed on and even registered, as it started I decided to bid for fun, opening bid was 90k, I offered 150k and quickly got out bided, I watched it go to190k and then I put in another bid of 195k, the auction ended to the highest bidder of 196k, I was bummed but relieved. Then 5mins later I get an email from them saying I won the bid of 195k and after that someone calls me from Williams telling me I need to send in my NON REFUNDABLE 5% fee which will be added to the total cost of sale, they needed that within 2 days, I did my part and sent the 10k check, it was cashed IMMEDIATELY. Now here comes the fun part, i was told i had 30 days to close, THIRTY DAYS! Closing in 30days is IMPOSSIBLE!

They wanted $100 per day if I did not close in 30 days! Had to ask for 2 extensions before finally closing at almost 90 days AFTER auction. ALSO! They don't require you to use an agent but THANK GOD I did cause they are the WORST with returning calls and getting their end of the part done!

My agent had to hassle them and spoke to 10 different people before finally getting everything we needed to close, in the end, I got my home for 205k (195k plus the 10k which was their 5% fee) through auction rather than 235k through bank that owned it. HOWEVER! It was not without fighting tooth and nail for it.

My story ended happy but it was NOT a great experience and I would NOT recommend buying a home from them unless you have an aggressive agent by your side. Please email me with any questions regarding my experience, my name is Shirley and you can reach me at SKISAY@cox.net I will glady answer any questions, but if you are going to ask if I recommend them, save yourself the time cause the answer is HE** NO!

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